Information and Technology

In today’s world and advanced tecnology, the very first question comes to our mind, “Why IT or computer education is important?”-The answer lies in todays advancement. Well, I will say that IT is not important to survive in this world but it is necessity. Like without proper diet we won’t survive, without IT we couldnot become active. This world has a population in billions, just think if we want to be unique in our work who will notice us and who will promote us, everyone would be busy in their day to day activities but with no success. TV actors and Entertainers entertains us and we feel refreshed after our day to day works if IT donot exists we would be perhaps a puppet. Money is important to survive right! Just imagine if your child or dear ones in a need of some money living in a distant places, how will you give him or carrying a huge sum is a big risk but now IT has made easy and everyone living in this planet is aware of it. There are so many advantages of Information and Technology but it is the responsibilty of the user himself to stay protected when working online or making any online transactions. So, proper and healthy IT education is very important. There are so many institutions and online tutorials who provide IT education. Friends, its my humble request do learn IT because advancement will not stop, so stay updated with today’s and coming technology.

“To survive in technology and advancement, adpat the ways behind it”



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