Free Computer Literacy Workshop-5th Week


Day-18 on 25th April 2022

In Today’s workshop we gave the students some basic lessons on computer typing and making them understand how it will help them in various fields

Day-19 on 26th April 2022

In Today’s workshop students tried to do some practice sets of their own and tried to do basic computer operations,which is helping them to build their growth in computer.

Day-20 on 27th April 2022

In Today’s workshop students learnt about paragraph writing also they are learning when to use which keys and which software applications are being used in computer

Day-21 on 28th April 2022

In Today’s workshop students learnt to use various computer tools and a quick interactive class on Digital education and also we had a feedback session with the students.

Day-22 on 29th April 2022

In Today’s workshop we taught the students how to use various applications,tools, software in the fields of digital education as a key technology,and helping them to grow their knowledge in this field.

Day-23 on 30th April 2022

The motive of this workshop is to make awareness among the students about Digital Education, by completion of one month of this workshop we found their growth in this field,and the workshop is really helping our students to build the knowledge towards computer.

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