Free Computer Literacy Workshop-May 1st Week


231th Workshop on 2nd May

In todays wokshop we taught the  34 students about various computer knowledge regarding future technology and various fields in which computer knowledgeis important

232th Workshop on 3rd May

In today’s workshop 7 students participated where we make the students aware of various cyber crimes and securities related to computer

233th Workshop on 4th May

In today’s wokshop 7 students participated where we taught them about various computer applications we are using in our daily life 

234th Workshop on 5th May

In todays wokshop 10 students participated where students are taught to do various computer applictions like paint, typing games to make their typing speed faster

235th Workshop on 6th May

In todays wokshop we make the students practice various typing games and introduced them some of the tools we use in paint

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