Free Daily Computer Literacy Workshop-2nd Week


Day-3rd on 4th April 2022

In today’s workshop the students became familiar with the computer applications and got to know how does a computer work, also they got brief introduction on typing master

Day-4 on 5th April 2022

The motive of our workshop is to make students aware of  Digital education and how it will help them in choosing their career in any field.

Day-5 on 6th April 2022

In today’s workshop we make students understand about various computer tools and how does it works on various fields in today’s world. 

Day-6 on 7th April 2022

In today’s workshop students became familiar with typing skills and various applications of computer and areas where we can use it,also we make them aware of various security issues relate to computer tools.

Day-7 on 8th April 2022

In today’s workshop we gave the students the idea of working on the keyboard,how to place the fingers and hand movements we should follow while typing.Also we gave them some practice sets which will help them to be familiar with the keyboard.

Day-8 on 9th April 2022

Computers have supplied infinite resources for learning and made education more flexible and easy to access,so the motive of today’s workshop is make the students aware of various online education platforms.

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